Introducing Pernille Folcarelli Limited Edition Prints

Introducing Pernille Folcarelli Limited Edition Prints

I am very pleased to announce that Hooglig will be stocking these beautiful limited edition prints by Danish artist Pernille Folcarelli.  

In her studies of Nordic botany , Pernille Folcarelli is demonstrating the beauty of the world that unfolds when you take a closer look at nature and it's unique details. Pernille creates direct prints of plants and other natural elements.  She finds her inspiration for these prints locally in the Nordic flora and in her own garden too.  Using the original handmade prints as a base Pernille produces a series of Limited Edition prints all signed and numbered.  

We love these prints as they are timeless yet contemporary.  The motives and patterns in nature are classic but are captured here in modern hues - this study of Nordic flora beautifully complements many different types of room and schemes.  

Let nature and it's calm simplicity into your home.

March 05, 2017 by Hooglig Team x
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